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Fiddle Legends

Fiddle Legends

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  1. Back to the Sugar Camp
  2. Little Robin’s Jig
    Becky’s Jig
    Parkdale Jig
  3. Marion Waltz
  4. Four Jacks
  5. Walkin’ Up Town
  6. Operator’s Reel
    Riley’s Own Reel
    Woodchopper’s Breakdown
  7. Golden Dawn Waltz
  8. Flannigan’s Polka
  9. Money Musk
  1. Cathy Anne’s Waltz
    Waltz of the Roses
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. Zaporozhets
  4. Frisco Waltz
  5. Kerry Mills Barn Dance
  6. Niel Gow’s Lament for the Death of his Second Wife
  7. Old Box Stove Jig
    Wilfrid Laurier Quadrille
    Lightning Hornpipe
  8. Nearer My God to Thee
  9. Willow Springs
Liner Notes

When I was a young aspiring fiddler, I studied classical music - practising scales, studies, exercises and of course repertoire. But my true passion was for old time fiddling. My family played regularly for concerts, shows and dances and I competed in fiddle competitions.

But to help thoroughly understand the phrasing, tempo, and feel of the old time music, I would listen to recordings by fiddlers of the past – the great ones. Every night I played an album – either on vinyl or cassette and listened as I fell asleep. I would often hear the same recording for a week or more before changing to another.

This subliminal learning continued for several years. As a result, my brain has thousands of tunes – although because of this way of learning, I don’t always associate the names of the tunes with their melody. Nevertheless, these tunes and the artists that performed them truly became part of my musical style and can be heard clearly in my own playing today.

The dictionary defines a legend as a person or achievement worthy of inspiring - anyone or anything whose fame promises to be enduring. When researching the music for this CD, it became increasingly clear that my inspiration, drawn from the fiddlers I listened to growing up, was shared by many other fiddlers. And although this CD does not reflect all of the fiddlers who had an impact on my playing, it does represent some of the major influences and how their importance in the fiddle world has endured.

Sometimes a fiddler is known primarily for their performances – either live or on recordings. And sometimes they are better known for their compositions that were recorded by others. Our live shows and this CD represent some of each. I hope you enjoy and recognize the similarities from my playing to those who inspired it – my Fiddle Legends.



Scott Woods: Fiddle, Drums, Bass
Kendra (Woods) Norris: Fiddle, Clarinet, Accordion
Carolyn Woods: Piano, Keyboards
Ben Norris: Electric Guitar, Fiddle
Tyler Beckett: Acoustic Guitar, 5-String Banjo, Mandolin
Kyle Waymouth: Bass, Fiddle


Produced by: Scott Woods
Musical Arrangements by: Scott Woods, SOCAN
Recorded & Mixed by: Scott Woods, McLeod Music Productions, Fergus, Ontario
Mastered by: Doug Stronach, Eclipse Music Productions, Arthur, Ontario
Graphic Design by: Janet McGlynn, Zero Gravity Design, London, Ontario
Illustration by:James Riehl, London, Ontario

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