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Festival of Waltzes

Festival of Waltzes

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  1. Festival Waltz
  2. Norwegian Waltz
  3. Debbie's Waltz
  4. Lara's Theme ( Somewhere My Love )
  5. Ranger's Waltz
  6. French Minuet
  7. Country Waltz
  8. Anniversary Song
  9. Varsovienne Waltz
  1. Daffodil Waltz
  2. Waltz Quadrille
  3. Poor Girl Waltz
  4. Edelweiss
  5. Blue Skirt Waltz
  6. Rye Waltz
  7. Dawn Waltz
  8. Tenderly
  9. Smile the While

Liner Notes

The Waltz is one of the oldest dance forms. Played in 3/4 time, it has a pulse like a wave that gives energy to inspire the feet to move. Festival of Waltzes is an album by request. During cross-Canada tours with the Scott Woods Show, many have asked for a recording of just waltzes. Several tunes requested are included. And some have also helped me to capture the championship title at the Canadian Open Fiddle Contest (in Shelburne, Ontario) and the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship (in Ottawa). The styles vary but this CD is - as the name indicates - a Festival of Waltzes. The Scott Woods Band was originally formed by my dad, Merv and was known as the Merv Woods Orchestra from 1950 until the 1990's. Many of the tunes on this recording have been played at our dances and shows for many years across the country.

Today, the band dedicates their musical and entertaining abilities to helping others. We play fund raising benefit concerts for churches, charities and other organizations raising money for their projects - some local and others on a global scale. Over the years, the Scott Woods Show has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for such charities. We invite you to pass the word about these shows to your friends. Thanks for your continued support!

Please feel free to roll up the rug and dance around the living room and enjoy our Festival of Waltzes.


Scott Woods: Fiddle, Drums, Bass & Guitar
Kendra (Woods) Norris: Fiddle, Clarinet & Accordion
Carolyn Woods: Piano & Keyboards
Tyler Beckett: Guitar & Mandolin


Produced by: Scott Woods
Musical Arrangements by: Scott Woods, SOCAN
Recorded & Mixed by: Scott Woods, McLeod Music, Fergus, Ontario
Mastered by: Doug Stronach, Eclipse Music Productions, Arthur, Ontario
Photography & Graphic Design by: Janet McGlynn, Zero Gravity Design, London, Ontario

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